Fruitful Year Of New Films

Our Summer 2017 Workshop Intensive, led by Sharing International, produced three new student films, and an additional student film was completed in the fall. Sharing International returned this summer to teach a second intensive and oversee production of three new films, now in post-production. WATCH 2017 FILMS HERE:

Gatiishee: Her Payback
A generous woman is mugged by ruffians, but the poor whom she cares for have her back.
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All films are written and directed by students/alumni of Sandscribe-Addis; except for Miliqqee, written and directed by students of Dhaba Wayessa’s From Script To Screen program in Washington DC.

Gara Barii (Toward Dawn): A father searches for help for his injured son in an unfamiliar city where thieves masquerade as Good Samaritans. Written by Aster Damena. Directed by Kumsa Tamana.

Gatiishee (Her Payback): When a generous woman suffers a series of muggings, the poor for whom she cares have got her back. Written by Hanna Adem. Directed by Kelbessa Megersa.

Daandii Kaayyoo (Her Way to Destiny): An aspiring athlete cares for her siblings and sick father. When the coach cuts her from a competition, can she turn her challenges into opportunity and win the race? Written by Bayisa Tura. Directed by Firafoli Dhugassa.

Miliqqee (The Swindler): A restless woman cheats on her boyfriend and destroys a valuable friendship to cover it up. Can love cover a multitude of sins? Written by Daniel Juwar. Directed by Sena T. Tolera.

Disables: When qualified professional is repeatedly denied work because of a disability, will anyone see her for who she is and not her handicap?  Written and directed by Lemi Tesfaye.

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