Founder’s Story


Sandscribe Founder, Dhaba Wayessa

I was born and raised in Ethiopia. I was the only person from my small village to go to college. I achieved success quite young — my books were published and my plays were produced in Addis Ababa’s best theaters. I came to the United States, where I earned a BA and an MFA in film from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

I work as a journalist in the U.S. capitol and am thankful for all the opportunities given to me. But I have never forgotten my dream: to empower aspiring filmmakers in my home country — especially those who have no financial means.

That is why I founded the Sandscribe Foundation. For the past six years we have taken  international teams to Ethiopia to teach aspiring filmmakers. Our campus in Addis Ababa continues its work, but our resources are limited. There is so much more we can do! It is our goal to establish a year-round academy in Ethiopia, partner with other filmmakers in country, and continue bringing international artists and educators to encourage Ethiopia’s aspiring creative community. Please join us in making this dream a reality.

Thank you,
Dhaba Wayessa


  1. This is really good time to us to be able to make difference in participating in this blessed vision. I think I am also a product of Sandscribe as I am producing a huge production right after I got life changing trainings through it. Dheebuu is a bit more witness than I can speak. Stay blessed.

  2. Sewmehon Yismaw

    That’s a wonderful idea and thanks for that !

  3. Incredible vision!!!

  4. I believe you will succeed in realizing your dream, the artists would be grateful of your support.

  5. Baay’ee waan nama jajjabeessuu dha. Guddaa si jaallanna Namo!

    • Hi, Magarsaa! Wonderful! Please go to our Contact Page and write in the contact form. The email will go to our Addis team, who will contact you. Thank you, we look forward to meeting you!

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