June Film Workshop and Festival

Sandscribe’s June workshop and mini film festival was a resounding success. The festival presented three student films at the Oromo Cultural Center in Addis Ababa on Sunday, June 4, and was attended by over 250 artists and cultural leaders. The films’ themes included the triumph of the human spirit, family, and reciprocity.

June’s mini-festival was the culmination of a ten-day intensive classroom instruction and field production. June’s workshop was a collaboration between the Sandscribe Foundation and Sharing International, a U.S.-based media education group, who trained more than 35 aspiring Ethiopian filmmakers. Sharing International’s three-person team comprised of Dr. Charles Pollak, recently of Benedict College and current president of Sharing International, Dr. Vic Costello of Elon University, and Professor Sarah Pollak-Hoffman of Sharing International.

“I had the privilege to work with passionate young media professionals in the spirit of the African griot: the story-teller entrusted with the history and culture of their people,” said Sharing International President, Dr. Charles Pollak.

The students were broken up in to three production groups to work on three films. Each script focused on principles dear to the Oromo culture in Ethiopia.

“These students are brilliant and their stories important to the international dialogue about commonly-held morals and values,” said Professor Sarah Pollak-Hoffman. “I am so very happy to have an opportunity to not only teach, but learn with these students.”

STAY TUNED! The Sandscribe Foundation will hold a one-day film festival on July 29th, at the University of Maryland, to showcase selected short films made by Sandscribe students both in Ethiopia and the United States.

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