Short-Term Programs

Since 2011, Sandscribe has sent international educators and filmmakers to Addis Ababa to teach our students. Our teams have included educators and filmmakers from Los Angeles, New York, and Europe. Our goal is to send at least one short-term teaching team per year combined with the ongoing services at our base. Meet our international visiting faculty here.


1 Class 3Our six-week program begins with in-class instruction. Students attend lectures and seminars on all aspects of filmmaking, from script writing to production to editing and distribution. Then students also attend hands-on workshops in specific areas, such as directing, camera, sound, editing, makeup, and more. They learn to operate equipment and get comfortable with the day-to-day aspects of their chosen disciplines. The program culminates as students put their skills into practice and make short films.


Our first short-term trip was taught by the LA Media Missions, spearheaded by award-winning composer Guy Moon and director-cinematographer David Kiang. Sandscribe’s first short film produced by students is “Yaadanii,” which you can watch on our video gallery.

Since then, we have welcomed Dr Steven Thomas and Steven Greenwald from Wagner College; Dr. Allesandro Jedlowski, researcher and consultant in contemporary African media and cinema; documentary filmmaker Jennifer Dworkin, and others. Read about the Wagner College trip in December, 2013 here.

Most recently, we welcomed Fulbright Scholar Lucy Gebre-Egziabher, who taught her two-month intensive practicum, “From Script To Screen,” which culminated in our students producing four short films under her leadership. Read more about our fall term with Lucy on our blog.

As Sandscribe develops, we plan to send multiple teams per year in conjunction with the ongoing programs at our in-country base. Our goal is to make Sandscribe a fully-accredited program which can send and receive students for semesters abroad.

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