Addis Team

Meet our team of faculty, artists and administrators who run Sandscribe’s Addis Ababa campus.

TESFAYE MEKONNEN tesfayem(Managing Director, Sandscribe Addis Ababa) is an administrator, human resource manager, and theater director. Since 2011 Tesfaye has played a remarkable role in researching and facilitating grounds for filmmaking, trainings, workshops and symposiums in collaboration with international filmmakers and media experts. Along with Wagner College’s Steven Thomas and Stephen Greenwald, Tesfaye has conducted research about Ethiopia’s emerging film industry for Ethiopia’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. He also serves as a coordinator and teaching assistant of the Wagner-Sandscribe collaborative on-line classes of film and media aimed to connect American and Ethiopian students.

Tesfaye directed four of Dhaba Wayessa’s plays, which were staged at various national theatres in Addis Ababa and regional states in 1990s. He also had worked in the administration of Addis Ababa Theatre and Cultural Center, and Addis Ababa’s Bureau of Culture and Tourism in various capacities. He earned his Professional Diploma in Management and Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Addis Ababa University’s College of Commerce. He also attended many workshops including “Theatre in Development Program” sponsored by Swedish Development Cooperation office.

Beeki2BEEKI DHABA volunteers in Addis Ababa as Sandscribe’s website builder and manager. He is founder and manager of RGB Software Provision and Consulting in Ethiopia. He has managed many projects, developed websites and carried out graphics design works for many governmental and private companies in Ethiopia.

Beeki earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Arbaminch University in Ethiopia in 2011.

NAZIF JEMAL volunteers with Sandscribe as Communication and Public Relations Officer since December 2013. He is a journalist, manager, public nazifrelations expert and development officer with a wide range of experience in international and national organizations. Nazif worked as a radio journalist for the BBC Media Action and Radio Fana, and as a PR and fundraising manager for the Oromia Development Association, an Ethiopian charity. Nazif worked for World Vision’s child sponsorship as a development and protection officer. He also  served as a district general manager of the Office of Justice at Addis Ababa City Government. He currently works as county communication officer for The Fred Hollows Foundation, which provides eye care in over 27 countries. He is also a founder and president of Oromia Journalist Association (OJA). Nazif earned his BA in Foreign Languages and Literature from Addis Ababa University. He is currently studying for his MA in Leadership and Management at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology.

mekaluELIZABETH MELAKU is an acclaimed actress, director, producer, stage manager and events coordinator in stage plays, films, radio and TV dramas for over two and half decades. She volunteers with Sandscribe as an instructor of stage play acting and acting for camera. Elizabeth earned her BA  in Theatre Arts from Addis Ababa University, attended a number of specialized trainings, including drama workshops, documentary film production, Sign Language, trainers training for educating hearing impaired social groups etc., conducted by national and international organizations.

Elizabeth currently works as Stage Manager at Addis Ababa City Hall Theater & Cultural Center. Privately she has given several training on drama writing, directing and acting for high school students and teachers in different regional states of Ethiopia. She received many awards, including Outstanding Director from Candle Theatre and Lovers of the Arts in 2004, and The Dr. Karl Award for Excellence in Performing Arts for Best Stage Actress” by The Rakhmanove Fine Arts College Academic Board in 2006.

TeferiTEFERI NIGUSSIE is a writer, researcher and professor at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, with writing credits in TV drama and film, including Hire, “Qondalticha” and others. He has published six fiction books, including Jaalala Dhugaa, winner of the 2005 MacMillan Readers Award. He has published many articles on the representation of Ethiopianness and Oromoness” in Oromo literature.

Teferi earned his MA in Comparative Literature from Addis Ababa University. He has taught creative writing at Addis Ababa University and Ambo University, currently studying for his PhD at Addis Ababa University.  Teferi has assisted Sandscribe faculty on collaborative online courses between students at Sandscribe in Addis and Wagner College in New York.

Weyon2WOSENYELEH TILAHUN  is a language and literature expert, media manager and writer, and translated Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Art of Watching Films to Amharic, Ethiopia’s national language. He worked as a manager for Addis Ababa’s Bureau of Culture, and for Sebastopol Entertainment, a film production and cinema exhibitor company based in Addis Ababa. He currently works as a manager of Serawit Multimedia Productions. He also taught language and literature at Bokojji High School in Oromia regional State and Wegagan College. Wosenyeleh earned a BA in Language and Literature from Bahir Dar University and a BA in management from Addis Ababa University. Wosenyeleh participated in Sandscribe’s “Movies, Media, and Global Citizenship” course. He volunteers with Sandscribe, sharing his extensive experience as translator, multimedia manager and head of government’s cultural offices.

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