Wagner College Team At Sandscribe in Addis Ababa

Photo_sadscribe&wagnerIn December 2013, Wagner College sent a team to Addis Ababa to work with Sandscribe and explore opportunities in the country. Together with Dhaba Wayessa, Dr. Steven Thomas and Stephen Greenwald organized a symposium on the future of Ethiopian cinema which was attended by local filmmakers, media professionals, university professors, students, and government officials.
Mr. Greenwald, co-author of This Business of Film and former president of De Laurentiis Entertainment, is director of media initiatives at Wagner. Dr. Thomas is a professor in Wagner’s English department, and he kept a blog about the trip.

They brought with them filmmaker Jennifer Dworkin, director of the critically acclaimed documentary film Love and Diane. She ran a one-week workshop with Sandscribe students.


Steven Thomas and journalist Berhanu Gemechu

The team also had many meetings with local filmmakers, production studios, university departments, government officials, and non-governmental organizations. Immediately upon their return to the United States, Dr. Thomas and Mr. Greenwald began researching and drafting official reports on the Ethiopian film industry.

Journalist Berhanu Gemechu covered theWagner-Sandscribe partnership in The Ethiopian Herald, the oldest English-language newspaper in the country.


Read more about the Wagner-Sandscribe teaching trip on Wagner College’s website here.

Read Steven Thomas’ blog on the trip.

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